ANNOUNCE: at-spi2 0.3.1 released

AT-SPI2 0.3.1 is now available for download at:


A list of work required before the full release can be found at:
(This is actually up-to-date now.)

Unlike the previous few at-spi2 releases, this release installs to the
standard at-spi locations.  The old behavior of relocating to co-exist
with the CORBA-based at-spi can still be enabled by passing
'--enable-relocate' to configure.  I would recommend configuring with
--enable-relocate when packaging at-spi2 on distributions running stable
releases of GNOME, so as to avoid conflits with eisting CORBA AT-SPI

This release fixes numerous bugs and should generally be much more usable
than prior releases.  See below.

What's changed in AT-SPI2 0.3.1

* Fixed GetLink, GetColumnHeader, getAccessibleAtPoint, and possibly others.

* Fix children-changed, property-change::accessible-parent, and
active-descendant-changed events.

* Update an accessible's StateSet when a StateChanged signal is received.

* Properly fetch children of MANAGES_DESCENDANTS objects (ie, do not use cache)

* The desktop's role is now set to ROLE_DESKTOP_FRAME.

* Use pyexecdir as a base rather than pythondir.

* Set an application's Id when registering it.

* Added a gconf schema.

* org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.GetAll now works rather then crashing.

* The position, size, and extents of an AtkSocket are now fetched from the
corresponding AtkPlug.

* An application is no longer registered if its root is an AtkPlug.

* Fix BGO#538680 - Count ignored in GetMatchesTo

* Fix FDO#27626 - deadlock when registering an application.

* Fix a problem with various hyperlink methods.

* Fix for an AtkPlug sometimes not appearing in the hierarchy.

* Fix a crash if the registry returns an unexpected message while embedding.

* Remove libxml2 dependency since libxml2 is no longer used.

* Fix handling of MATCH_ANY for a stateset in a collection match rule.

What is AT-SPI2

AT-SPI2 is a D-Bus based accessibility framework. It defines a D-Bus
protocol for providing and accessing application accessibility
information. The project includes a library for bridging the D-Bus
protocol to the ATK API, allowing Gtk based applications to be made
accessible. It also contains a client (AT) side library in Python.

Where can I get more information about AT-SPI2

The project wiki is available at:

A page detailing the project plan can be found at:

How can I contribute to AT-SPI2?

We are actively seeking contributors to help us make this the standard
a11y framework for Gnome. We need help testing with Gnome accessibility
technologies, improving performance, and generally tying up loose ends.
The above-referenced page contains a list of known issues that should be

IRC   : #a11y on Gimpnet
E-Mail: accessibility-atspi lists linux-foundation org

Development repositories can be found at:


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