Evince 2.31.1 released

* What is it ?

Evince is a document viewer.  It primarily displays pdf, though djvu,
tiff, dvi, impress slides, postscript and even comics archives are also 

More information can be found at http://www.gnome.org/projects/evince/

* Where to get it?

 sha256sum: 8881c13b1892256b2ebbb9bf182c70948e4b61d0725dfb2d694e7415b8e627b0
      size: 3.2M

 sha256sum: 6d4b08128081a456f738c5a177555fa85e44adecd0205eda9e9ff0b0d8846f96
      size: 2.1M

* What's changed since 2.30.0?

New Features and UI Improvements:

    * Add saved documents with "save a copy" to recent file list
      (#617580, Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Port override_restrictions gconf key to GSettings (Carlos Garcia
    * Add icons to the recent items, and always show them in menu
      (#614400, Christian Persch)

Bug fixes:

    * Invert colors of pages and thumbanils when loading in inverted
      color mode (#616110, #616111, Juanjo Marín)
    * Take default settings from last document opened. Fixes
      regression caused by migration to gio metadata (#606090,
      Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Ellipsise the recent action's label (Christian Persch)
    * Make inverted colors mode work in presentation mode too
      (#614693, Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Respect GNOME22_USER_DIR env variable (#613637, Ray Strode)
    * Fix loading of local documents when uri contains a page
      destination (#616515, Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Make gnome-doc-utils optional (Hib Eris)
    * Update icons to match gnome-icon-theme appearance (#614747,
      Hylke Bons, Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Make sure there's a new valid page range before updating caches
      (fdo#27599, Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Fix .desktop file according to CorrectDesktopFiles GNIOME Goal
      (#592733, Javier Jardón)
    * Update FSF address everywhere (#514607, Arun Persaud)
    * Fix loading of compressed password-protected documents (#613959,
      Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Add command line option to open document at a given page index
      (#613449, Daniel M. German)
    * Fix build with GSEAL_ENABLE for libview and libdocument
      (#605776, Hib Eris, Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Close previewer window with control + w (#612972, Carlos Garcia
    * Fix keybindings in previewer window (#612972, Carlos Garcia

Translation updates:

    * Runa Bhattacharjee (bn_IN)
    * Gil Forcada (ca)
    * Gil Forcada (ca valencia)
    * Jorge González (es)
    * Fran Diéguez (gl)
    * Shankar Prasad (kn)
    * Ani Peter (ml)
    * Sandeep Shedmake (mr)
    * Wouter Bolsterlee (nl)
    * Andrej Žnidaršič (sl)

Carlos Garcia Campos
PGP key: http://pgp.mit.edu:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x523E6462

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