libgdata 0.6.4 released

libgdata 0.6.4 is now available from:


This release contains some important fixes for how IDs are parsed and
handled by GDataPicasaWebAlbum and GDataPicasaWebFile. If you program
uses libgdata's PicasaWeb service, it is advised that you make it depend
on libgdata 0.6.4 as soon as possible.

Other changes include improved network error reporting, and more robust
handling of ETags with re-used GDataQuery instances.

About libgdata

libgdata is a GLib-based library for accessing online service APIs using
the GData protocol --- most notably, Google's services. It provides APIs
to access the common Google services, and has full asynchronous support.

Overview of changes from libgdata 0.6.3 to libgdata 0.6.4

Major changes:
* Fixed the behaviour of gdata_entry_get_id() for GDataPicasaWebAlbum
and GDataPicasaWebFile, which was previously *broken*
  Use gdata_picasaweb_album_get_id() and gdata_picasaweb_file_get_id()
for the equivalent results now
* Don't send ETags if a query is modified since it was last used; this
improves libgdata's behaviour for programs which re-use GDataQuery
* Lots of documentation fixes and improvements
* Added missing #includes to gdata.h
* Improved error reporting about network and proxy problems

API changes:
* Added GDataPicasaWebAlbum:album-id, gdata_picasaweb_album_get_id(),
GDataPicasaWebFile:file-id and gdata_picasaweb_file_get_id()
* Fix the value returned by gdata_entry_get_id() for GDataPicasaWebAlbum
and GDataPicasaWebFile; it is now a full URI

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 613529 — Sending ETag with modified query

Philip Withnall
March 29, 2010

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