Elicit 2.0 released

Elicit 2.0 release

Elicit is a screen magnifier / color picker aimed towards web / UI
designers who desire pixel level accuracy.

More information is at: http://rephorm.com/code/elicit

source: http://rephorm.com/files/elicit-2.0.tar.gz
git:    git://github.com/rephorm/elicit-gtk

First stable release.

Changes since pre3:

* add tooltips throughout
* add DnD of image to other apps
* change cursor when holding down ctrl to indicate measurement
* use right button to drag color from color picker
* make sure gconf connection exists before building gui
* ensure that numpy is installed

Changes since pre2:

* Add DnD of colors to and from palette
* Add DnD of colors to and from color picker (middle mouse to drag from)
* Fix bug when deleting a palette that hasn't been saved yet
* Add menubar and about dialog
* Clean up icons and add 48x48
* Don't draw grid if zoom = 1

Please send feedback or bugs to elicit rephorm com

Take care,

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