ANNOUNCE: libchamplain 0.4.5 released

The "Good time comes to those who wait" release.

What is it ?
A Clutter based map ClutterActor and Gtk+ widget to display street maps,
cycle maps or other maps.  libchamplain comes with eye candy.


The latest reviewed code is always available from:

libchamplain 0.4.5 (2010-03-23)

Stable release
GObject-introspection, Python (Victor Godoy Poluceno) and Perl
(Emmanuel Rodriguez) bindings are in a working state.

* Fix missing lat/lon property notifications (Jonathon Jongsma)
* Remove the need to explicitly set the size of actors (Rob Bradford)
* Properly get rid of marker's previous image (Pierre-Luc Beaudoin)

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