Banshee 1.5.6 released

We're pleased to announce the release of Banshee 1.5.6 (1.6 RC2).  It
is a bug fix release.

      * Fix rendering and interaction bugs in the grid view
      * Fix issue with volume getting reset on every song change
      * Handle volume changes from outside Banshee (eg PulseAudio)
      * Fix issue parsing some RSS feeds
      * Fix library importing and rescanning on all IO backends
      * Support coverart for albums without an artist (bgo#612626)
      * Don't capture 's' presses if keybindings disabled
      * Fix typing in the Wikipedia webkit view
      * Fix equalizer settings migration (bgo#612669)
      * Redraw the entire ListView when dragging columns
      * Increase podcast download timeout

      * Fix bad startup crash in PlayQueue on old Mono
      * Fix "Too many open files" bug with GIO backend
      * [Banshee.Hardware] Handle exceptions (bgo#613173)
      * [PodcastActions] Unsubscribe from an event on dispose
      * [ContextPane] Fix crash if active removed (bgo#613277)
      * [LastfmSource] Fix crash (bgo#612824)
      * [Lastfm] Fix crash using auth Refresh button (bgo#610911)
      * [Lastfm] Fix crash (bgo#613276)

      * Fix compilation error with older Mono
      * Fix compilation error with bundled notify-sharp
      * Fix --disable-youtube flag
      * Set YouTube install dir to Extensions/
      * Fix building with older GStreamer (bgo#613339)

      * 44 bugs were fixed since 1.5.5



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