ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.7.24 released

tracker 0.7.24 is now available for download from:

831bb1187d0ae6935bca7a4e430b7387  tracker-0.7.24.tar.gz

What is it?
All-in-one indexer, search tool and metadata database.

Where can I find out more?
You can visit the project web site:

What's New?

Improvements / New:

  * Added nao:isRelated
  * Added tracker:notify true to nmm:Playlist
  * Added tracker:isAnnotation comments
  * Show full text index flag in the documentation
  * Added table with all fts-indexed properties in documentation

  * Implicitly convert REGEX text to string, previously required str()
  * Add error reporting about nested anonymous blank nodes (see GB#611248)

  * Re-enable compilation
  * Fixed to handle tracker:Ontology correctly

  * Log binary name and version at beginning of log file
  * Avoid invalid memory accesses in tracker_path_list_filter_duplicates()

  * Check disk space when recreating DB due to corruption
  * Added a check for string validity in fn:string-join

* Limit update buffer size, was causing high memory usage due to update buffer
  * Do not signal or journal duplicate statements
  * Avoid unnecessary RDF type URI copies on updates
  * Avoid double free on error condition
  * Propagate DB initialization error in data_manager_init

  * Remove unused statistics signal
  * Fix invalid D-Bus messages in writeback support

  * Added support for optical media in tracker-storage
  * Updated ::mount-point-added to include removable and optical booleans

  * Report the correct files/dirs number on miner finished
  * Improve efficiency of tracker:available updates
  * Check both directory and _contents_ rules before adding a monitor
  * Make sure we respond to IgnoreDirectories[WithContent] config changes
  * Added --eligible command line option to
  * Added support for optical media in tracker-storage

  * Added IndexOpticalDiscs option

  * Fixed compilation error in playlist writeback

  * Added --search option to find classes/properties

  * Fixed the tags widget for the Nautilus integration


  * GB#611271, Preferences throttle only goes to 15/2
  * GB#611455, PPT extractor is not working is not extracting plainText
  * GB#611621, tracker-search should output filenames
  * GB#610812, Tagging a none indexed file fails silently
  * GB#611556, Need to support CD/DVD index
* GB#611152, Adding support for msoffice2007 extraction to extract the data from pptx, xlsx, docx files
  * NB#158626, Add support for nmm:composer to MP3 extractor
  * NB#158962, tracker-miner-fs emits criticals for some desktop files
  * NB#155488, After adding a directory under "IgnoredDirectories" key...
  * NB#158864, tracker-store crashes when the file system is full
* NB#158450, Tracker doesn't remove song from database when deleting song from device


  * Updated pl: Piotr Drąg


  There is a new config option called IndexOpticalDiscs in:


  You will need to update your .cfg file manually OR remove the old
  file to have a new config file generated for you. The default here
  is FALSE and it covers the indexing of CDs, DVDs, etc.

  The Deskbar applet packaged with Tracker is currently out of date
  and needs some love to get it working with the new APIs. It is in
  the same state as it was for 0.6. As such it isn't expected to work.

04 March 2010
Tracker team

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