ANNOUNCE: nautilus-python 0.5.2

I'm happy to announce the release of nautilus-python 0.5.2.  This is the final bugfix release in nautilus-python's 0.5 branch, and is meant to fix some important bugs in nautilus-python 0.5.1 without breaking compatibility with the 0.5 series.  It also provides an option for distributions that don't want to upgrade to the 0.6 series quite yet.

The new release is available at

Overview of changes in 0.5.2:
    - Look for instead of, the latter is
        general available from -devel packages only.
    - Remove eel dependency (Vincent Untz)
    - Sanitize python search path (Mark Lee)
    - Load python from lib64 in 64 bit multilib distributions (Ted Toth)
    - Updated some example plugins
    - Added explicit gnome-vfs build dependency
    - Removed obsolete .spec file

    Nautilus-python provides python bindings for the Nautilus File Manager's
    extension framework.  Using nautilus-python, developers can easily extend
    nautilus in python by adding context menu items, additional columns, and
    property pages, amongst other things.

nautilus-python requires:
    nautilus >= 2.6.0
    pygtk >= 2.8.0
    gnome-python >= 2.12.0
    pygobject >= 2.8.0
    python >= 2.3.5

Bug reports should be made in GNOME's bugzilla:

Git Repository:

Adam Plumb

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