gthumb 2.11.4 released

gthumb 2.11.4 is now available for download at:

c9b4f753d0b83447c2ac29f541dc90ab83a3e442033f7fac34ff79659f7b5f9b gthumb-2.11.4.changes 3f58763b4e524969cf2964ac68eb0c6c2eca3e45d5ab1290ff837f86511775de 603a9e7c7f5e1550c3d5e3d09ba841b9b229829e94f8306a92baf331a55fc077 gthumb-2.11.4.tar.bz2 15297896fcce90d080e4bcd993655f6c5aa4c754881073658d1a09943978c8ae gthumb-2.11.4.tar.gz

This is the fourth development release in a series leading to gthumb 2.12. With this release the main features have been implemented, future versions of the 2.11.* series will focus mainly on usability enhancements and bugfixes.

What is gthumb

gthumb is an image viewer and browser utility for the GNOME environment.
The README file distributed with the tar archive contains a complete list of features and the instructions to compile the source. The complete description, screenshots and other info are available at

Overview of changes from gthumb 2.11.3 to 2.11.4

New features and user visible changes:

* Added a PhotoBucket exporter.
* Added a static web album creation tool.
* Allow to edit the metadata of many files at the same time.
* Use a simple slideshow with no 3D effects if clutter is not available.
* Added option to choose the thumbnail pane orientation.
* Added drag&drop support to the folder tree. (#593431)
* In slideshow mode, make button 1 view the next image and button 3
  the previous image.
* In the Crop tool added an optional grid. (Michael J. Chudobiak)
* Added ability to select the aspect ratio in the Resize tool.
* Added a share tool menu and the print command on the toolbar.
* Allow to run gthumb even if clutter initialization fails.
* Implemented the "confirm deletion" option. (#622386)
* Avoid duplicates in the history. (#615442)
* Expand parent after folder creation. (#616940)
* Save and restore the options of "Rename files" dialog. (Christophe
  Bisière) (#618182)
* Save and restore the options of the Crop and Resize tools.
* Move "Set as Desktop Background" item from "Tools" menu to
  right-click popup menu. (Christophe Bisière) (#618430)
* Added some aspect ratio in crop tools. (Stefano Pettini) (#587787)
* Do not select the folder after right-clicking on it.
* Updated the user's manual.  Migrated to Mallard. (Michael J. Chudobiak)

Bugs fixed:

* Fixed crash when using the red-eye removal tool. (#623000)
* Use mtime to sort imported videos. (Matthias Hawran) (#619758)
* Fixed crash when renaming and quickly hitting the Enter key. (#619352)
* Removed unused DEFAULT_MAX_FILE_SIZE. (#616842)
* Save the partial result of a cancelled search as well. (#617952)
* Newly saved search does not immediately show up in the list of
  catalogs. (#618183)
* Picasa export dialog too big Maximize on small resolutions (netbook)
  (Matthias Hawran) (#618262)
* Set a minimum size for the file viewer to avoid a crash (#618442)
* Fix some Gtk-CRITICAL messages generated by the list_tools extension
  (Christophe Bisière) (#618554)
* Fixed "Overwrite all files" and "Do not overwrite any file" options
* Show a completed dialog after exporting to PicasaWeb. (#616782)
* Generates thumbnails of on-camera videos much faster. (#617287)
* Kill the script process as well when stopping the thumb loader
* Make gth_folder_tree_set_children() faster for big file lists
* Fixed crash after saving a crop with width or height of 1px.
  (Matthias Hawran) (#616454)

New or updated application translations:

* Czech (Marek Černocký)
* Deutsch (Christian Kirbach)
* Español (Jorge González)
* Estonian (Rene Pärts)
* French (Bruno Brouard)
* Lietuvių (Aurimas Černius)
* Low German (Nils-Christoph Fiedler)
* Punjabi/Panjabi (A S Alam)
* Slovenian (Andrej Žnidaršič)
* Thai (Sira Nokyoongtong)

New or updated manual translations:

* Español (Jorge González)
* Slovenian (Andrej Žnidaršič)


This program is released under the terms of the GNU General Public
License (GNU GPL) version 2 or greater. You can find a copy of the license in the file COPYING.

June 28th, 2010

Paolo Bacchilega

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