dconf 0.4 released

dconf 0.4 is released.

You can download it here:

SHA256 for your horizonal-scrolling pleasure:

  9812a3401ce31a2b083aaf963b6600b528975c61b7292c6d40346f5f4bf76d28  dconf-0.4.tar.bz2
  beb33f2aa435ef938bb4d7a2e5066058921504c5ed7b0fd59ab1e5f3bee44431  dconf-0.4.tar.gz

Changes in dconf 0.4

 - fix crashes when the dconf database doesn't yet exist
 - add some incomplete gtk-doc
 - use new GVDB (note: dconf file format has incompatibly changed)
 - implement GSettings sync()
 - use string tags instead of sequence numbers since it was impossible
   to have universally unique sequence numbers
 - theoretical support for sharing dconf databases between machines with
   different byte orders
 - fix bug where first write was not successful when auto-starting
 - FreeBSD build fixes
 - client API cleanups
 - GObject introspection support
 - enable automake silent rules by default for tarball builds

Bugs (I'm sure there are many) to the usual place, please.  I know about
the insane amount of leaks and will be tracing those down.  I'm away for
the weekend, so don't expect replies to any hate mail until Monday :)


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