ANNOUNCE: Zeitgeist-0.4.0

Hi all,

On behalf of the Zeitgeist team (and our many new contributors!) I am
most delighted to announce the immediate availability of

This new release is packed with new features so we are pretty hyped
about it :-) We are very well on our way to becoming "feature
complete" in the sense of reaching all the goals we laid out in the
Bolzano hackfest 2009.

This release also heralds the imminent release of related projects
like, gnome-activity-journal, zeitgeist-dataproviders,
zeitgeist-extensions, and libzeitgeist.

Zeitgeist is a semantic event logging framework for desktops,
netbooks, and devices. It exposes a DBus API you can use to update the
log as well as do template based querying and monitoring.



 - You can now negate the fields uri, interpretation, manifestation, origin,
   and mimetype, in event templates by prepending the field value with an
   exclamation mark '!'.
 - You can truncate (aka wildcard) the subject fields uri, origin, and mimetype
   in event templates by appending an asterisk '*' to the string.
 - Compile the shared-desktop-ontolgies (aka Nepomuk (aka OSCAF)) into Python
   code at build time, and use them for out subject classification system
 - Event templates now match on all child types of the specified interpretations
   and manifestations. Ie. Interpretation.IMAGE also matches RASTER_IMAGE and
 - The core database schema is now versioned, meaning that we can migrate data
   if the DB ever needs to change in layout. It also brings slightly faster
   startup of the daemon when we detect that the schema version is what we
 - Two new environment variables ZEITGEIST_DEFAULT_EXTENSIONS and
   ZEITGEIST_EXTRA_EXTENSIONS controlling which extensions are loaded
 - Man pages updated with --no-datahub and environment variables to control
   the data paths and loaded extensions
 - Some Nepomuk type URIs where wrong and will be fixed automatically in the
   schema upgrade of the DB
 - Fix DeleteEvents to work with arbitrarily huge amounts of IDs.
 - Set before passing events to the extension hooks so extensions
   can make use of the event ids

Python API:

 - Removed {Interpretation,Manifestation}.UNKNOWN. If you really really (like
   really!) can not come up with a good interpretation or manifestation
   don't log it - or insert an empty string in stead
 - What was subject's Manifestation.WEB_HISTORY is now represented by a
   combination of Interpretation.WEBSITE and Manifestation.REMOTE_DATA_OBJECT
 - Manifestation.FILE has been renamed to Manifestation.FILE_DATA_OBJECT
 - Event interpretations OPEN_EVENT and VISIT_EVENT has been coalesced into
   a new interpretation type called ACCESS_EVENT
 - Event interpretation SAVE_EVENT has been coalesced into MODIFY_EVENT
 - The following interpretations has been removed because we need a suitable
   alternative defined in Nepomuk/OSCAF scope (Mikkel is on it):
 - Interpretation.MUSIC is now AUDIO
 - We are missing Interpretation.TAG (known bug)
 - The following event interpretations has been removed because they had
   unclear meanings or limited general usefulness:
 - TimeRange sprouted a few new useful methods


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