bug-buddy 2.31.3 released

I have just released bug-buddy 2.31.3.

The big change in this release is the removal of the google-breakpad
code to create minidumps files when no debugging symbols are presents.
The rationale for this removal is:

- We (well, mostly myself) failed to setup the infrastructure
collecting debug symbols from known distros
- Some distributions (Fedora, Ubuntu) are shipping their own crash
collecting system

So what is the role of bug-buddy now on a GNOME Desktop system? Well,
it depends on the system:
a) For people using GNOME built from source (jhbuild): we would be
able to collect very decent backtraces generate nice bug reports
b) For people using GNOME binary packages from their distros
  b.1) Fedora and Ubuntu: Nothing
  b.2) Other distros: We will implement packageKit support to request
the user to install debug symbols so we can get a nice backtrace


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