ANNOUNCE: osm-gps-map 0.7.0

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce version 0.7.0 of osm-gps-map, a library,
python and GObject introspection bindings for displaying raster map
data from a variety of different sources.

This release adds many new features but retains API compatibility with
old versions.

Where to Get It

What is New
  * Map auto center threshold is now adjustable via the
auto-center-threshold property.
  * Provide a notify signal for tiles-queued and zoom.
  * Improvements to changing source and tile-cache after map is constructed.
  * Drawing of the gps marker can now be completely controlled by applications
    by implementing the draw_gps_point vfunc
  * GPS marker visibility can also be controlled using the
show-gps-point property
  * GObject introspection support
  * Documentation using gtk-doc
  * Gtk-3.0 compatible (builds with -DGSEAL_ENABLE)
  * Massive improvements to the Image and Track functions and additional
    API cleanup. This release is not ABI compatible, however it is API
    All users are advised to update to the new API.
    A summary of these changes, and a porting guide follow;
     * Replace coord_t -> OsmGpsMapPoint
     * osm_gps_map_add_image -> osm_gps_map_image_add and now returns a
       OsmGpsMapImage * type that should be used when removing or
modifying images
     * osm_gps_map_remove_image -> osm_gps_map_image_remove and now
       accepts this returned OsmGpsMapImage * pointer
     * osm_gps_map_clear_images -> osm_gps_map_image_remove_all
     * Track management is now done using the OsmGpsMapTrack object. This
       is a wrapper around a GSList of OsmGpsMapPoints. You should keep a
       copy of this object around. You can add single points to the track by
       calling osm_gps_map_track_add_point, and the map will update
       accordingly. You can change the visual appearance of the track via
       this object properties.
     * osm_gps_map_add_track -> osm_gps_map_track_add
     * osm_gps_map_replace_track. Modify the OsmGpsMapTrack object instead
     * osm_gps_map_clear_tracks -> osm_gps_map_track_remove_all
     * The gps functions are now just convenience wrappers around an
       internal OsmGpsMapTrack object
     * osm_gps_map_draw_gps -> osm_gps_map_gps_add
     * osm_gps_map_clear_gps -> osm_gps_map_gps_clear
     * osm_gps_map_screen_to_geographic ->
     * osm_gps_map_geographic_to_screen ->
     * osm_gps_map_get_co_ordinates -> osm_gps_map_get_event_location
     * osm_gps_map_set_mapcenter -> osm_gps_map_set_center_and_zoom

What Is It
osm-gps-map is a Gtk+ widget (plus Python and GObject introspection
bindings) for displaying information on a map. It features a simple
API for displaying tracks and points from GPS co-ordinates.

It Currently supports a number of different mapping sources;

 * openstreetmap (default)
 * maps-for-free
 * satellite maps from a number of proprietary providers

It also has the following features;

 * Excellent performance
 * Intelligent caching of maps, including the ability to request a
specific area of the map to be cached ahead of time
 * Recording of points of interest on the map (and the ability to add
arbitary pixmaps at those points
 * Drawing and management of multiple GPS track (a line showing the
history past added points)
 * Automatic centering on new GPS points
 * Adjustable Zoom
 * Includes comprehensive examples (C, Python, JavaScript)
 * Simple, flat API
 * Support for showing additional display layers rendered on top of the map
 * Optional on screen display (OSD)

John Stowers

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