Brasero 2.29.6 release

26-01-2010: 2.29.6

Bugs Fixed:

- Fix #604084 - Speed up nautilus extension startup (Martin Pitt)
- Fix #605433 - [PATCH] Fix some leaks in the CAM code (Joe Marcus Clarke)
- [help] Fixed a typo in the help (Milo Casagrande)
- Update Copyrights to 2010 (Luis Medinas)
- Set the max value for the song properties end point button correctly
(Jonathan Matthew)
- Fix #607745 - Fix crash when shutting down with outstanding IO jobs (Jonathan Matthew)
- Set start and end points correctly when reading a project file (Jonathan
- Fix Bug 607767 - integer overflow in brasero_audio2cue_len_to_string (Luis
- Fix #607752 - audio track start and end points are overwritten after being
read from a project file (Philippe Rouquier)
- Fixes Bug 603969 - CD/DVD creator dialog is REALLY unclear for burning an ISO
(Luis Medinas)
- Use totem_pl_parser_save() for playlist saving (bgo#605314). (Carlos Garnacho)
- Updated Translations


Please report bugs to:

Mailing List for User and Developer discussion: brasero-list gnome org

GIT Repository:

Thanks to all the people who contributed to this release through patches, translation, advices, artwork, bug reports.

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