Nautilus-Actions 2.29.4 is out

Hi every body,

We are pleased to announce the latest development release of 
Nautilus-Actions. It is the fourth development release which will
lead to the upcoming 2.30.

Please note, that for now, the new Desktop I/O provider is only
available in maintainer mode, as it is far to being ready for a
production use. We nonetheless will do our best efforts to release
it in time for upcoming 2.30.

This in particular means that we are not in a "string-freeze" state.

What is it ?

    Nautilus-Actions is an extension for Nautilus file manager which
    allows to add arbitrary items to Nautilus context menus, menubar
    and toolbar.

What is new in this release ?

    This is mainly a bugfix release:

    - Use GtkBuildable interface instead of 'name' field
      (fix #607704 reported by Sense Hofstede).

    - Fix default vbox orientation in XML glade files
      (fix #607218 reported by Pierre Wieser).

    Other enhancements are:

    - Allow default schemes to be parameterized in the NACT UI.

    Updated translations:

    - cs (Marek Černocký, Petr Kovar, Andre Klapper)
    - de (Mario Blättermann)

Nautilus-Actions 2.29.4 is available for download at

    sha1sum: 0436384977f1f8dd2601cb4d8286c86245b1c464
     md5sum: 474207fcfd53ed30249c017d9c99dabd

Home page is here:

Bug reports are always welcomed at

All questions relative to Nautilus-Actions can also be posted on its
dedicated mailing list available at

Have a lot of fun with it !


The Nautilus-Actions maintainer(s).

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