ANNOUNCE: Conduit 0.3.17

Hey Everyone!

I am proud to announce that Conduit 0.3.17 is now available for download from:

First release in too long!

What is it?
Conduit is a synchronization application for GNOME. It allows you to
synchronize your files, photos, emails, contacts, notes, calendar data
and any other type of personal information and synchronize that data
with another computer, an online service, or even another electronic

Conduit manages the synchronization and conversion of data into other formats.
For example, Conduit allows you to;
 * Synchronize your Tomboy notes with another computer
 * Synchronize your your PIM data to your mobile phone, iPod,
   Nokia Internet tablet, or between computers
 * Upload photos to Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, ShutterFly and your iPod,
 * ... and many more

Any combination you can imagine, Conduit will take care of the conversion
and synchronization.

Where can I find out more?
 * Website:
 * Screenshots/Screencast:
 * Mailing List:
 * Bugs:

Changes in this Version:
 * Fix dbus and configuration, install eog and nautilus extensions by default
 * Port to GtkBuilder
 * Use system gdata
 * UI improvements for hints
 * Autostart management from UI is improved
 * Use system installed flickrapi >= 1.2
 * Update pyfacebook
 * DB stability improvements
 * Fix configuration UI
 * Many translation updates
 * Many many bug fixes
 * Remove gnomevfs support
 * Support for Mac OSX added to Wallpaper Module
 * Support for Mac OSX added to Firefox 3 Module

What Can Conduit Do:
For a list of all the services that conduit supports see

Conduit can perform one-way and two-synchronization (and conversion/transcoding)
of data between locations. In one-way sync/export conduit will only replace
exising data if the new copy has been modified. It can also optionally delete
data if the original has been deleted.

Conduit has a complete DBus interface to allow other application authors to
use Conduit to perform the synchronization and export tasks of their

Conduit team

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