ANNOUNCE: gtksourceviewmm 2.9.0

gtksourceviewmm is C++ API for gtksourceview - a source code editing widget.

gtksourceviewmm 2.9 wraps gtksourceview 2.9 API.




discussion about gtksourceviewmm:
mailing list - gtkmm-list gnome org
irc - c++ channel on

changes since 2.3.1:
* Transition to mm-common build infrastructure.
* Added SourceGutter, SourceCompletionInfo, SourceCompletionProposal,
  SourceCompletionContext, SourceCompletionItem, SourceMarkup,
  SourceCompletionProvider, SourcePrintCompositor and SourceCompletion.
* SourceView: Deprecated set_mark_category_pixbuf() in favor of
  set_mark_category_icon() methods. Deprecated set_mark_category_pixbuf()
  method - now it always return empty refptr.
* SourceIter: Deprecated SearchFlags in favor of SourceSearchFlags.
* SourceStyle: Added properties.

written in README.

Krzesimir Nowak

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