liboobs 2.29.2 released

Liboobs, 2010-01-12
Liboobs version "I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good" has been

- Fix missing header that was preventing the GNOME System Tools from
building (Götz Waschk)

Liboobs 2.29.2, 2010-01-11

Liboobs version 2.29.2 "Follow Suit" has been released. This release
depends on the System Tools Backends 2.9.0.

- Move to the new System Tools Backends users and groups protocol. This
mainly implies that OobsUser and OobsGroup are now OobsObjects, and can
be committed individually, with new add() and delete() methods.
- Add new fields from this protocol: passwords are now in clear text,
UIDs and GIDs can be guint32, new password and home flags, encrypted
home boolean, locale and location.
- When committed, OobsUser is immediately updated with the D-Bus reply,
to fill fields that were left empty and chosen by the platform tools.
- Add a lot of convenience functions to manage users and groups lists,
taken from the GNOME System Tools.
- Raise OOBS_MAX_[UG]ID to G_MAXUINT32 on platforms where it is
possible, now that the protocol supports it. Use << instead of pow().
- Fix OobsSession not being a singleton.

Download it at:

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