ANNOUNCE: Zeitgeist 0.3.1

On behalf of the Zeitgeist team I am pleased to announce the immediate
availability of version 0.3.1 of the Zeitgeist engine. This is the
second development release leading up to what will be our stable 0.4

What is Zeitgeist?
Zeitgeist is event logging framework for desktop and mobile devices.
Applications can push events into the log and anyone can query the log
via the rich query API. The logged events are semantically categorized
and can come from any sort of activity such as file usage,
communications, and browsing history, etc. The Zeitgeist engine is a
user level service and does not have a GUI. It is intended to support
both dedicated journaling applications as well as deep integration
with other desktop components.

About Zeitgeist:

News since 0.3.0

 * Add a FindRelatedUris() method to the core DBus API (also to the Python
   client lib). This can be used to find URIs that occur in relation to
   a set of events, sorted by relevancy. Please note that FindRelatedUris()
   is still marked as experimental and we can not guarantee stability yet
 * The Zeitgeist engine now exposes a Blacklist API over DBus which can be
   used to block events from entering the log
 * The engine now also exposes a fine grained monitoring system that can be
   used to listen for updates to the log
 * InsertEvents() now return an event id of 0 for events that are blocked
   or otherwise fail insertion
 * Extensions can now provide hooks to block or change events before they
   are inserted into the log
 * Remove support for more than one backend. What was known as the
   "Resonance backend" is now just "the engine"
 * Removed method from DBus API GetLastTimestampForActor
 * Lots more unit tests added
 * The engine will now load a default set of extensions on startup
 * Overhaul and restructure our Sphinx-based API-documentation system. This
   has facilitated automagic documentation of our enumerations and Manifestation
   and Interpretation classes
 * API documentation is more or less at 100% both for the DBus API and
   the Python client library
 * Bash completion for zeitgeist-daemon
 * Code style cleanups
 * Bugfix: You may now request more than 999 events in one go from GetEvents()
 * Bugfix: In find_eventids where using more than one event template resulted
   in all but the first one ignoring the timestamp restriction
 * Bugfix: Fix URL of Interpretation.APPLICATION to correct Nepomuk URI
 * More bugfixes


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