ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.7.15 released

tracker 0.7.15 is now available for download from:

741c977c07fec343bdbd4a3b15a44da4  tracker-0.7.15.tar.gz

What is it?
All-in-one indexer, search tool and metadata database.

Where can I find out more?
You can visit the project web site:

What's New?

  * Fixed id3lib configure errors.
  * Improved README for people building Tracker.

  * Fixed non-ASCII IRIs.
  * Fixed inserting negative integers without needing quotes.

  * Simplify virtual table creation.

  * Separate inserting URIs from creating DB schema.

  * Added nmm:length for audio files from GStreamer extractor.
  * Fixed nfo:channels and nfo:sampleRate, uint vs int error.

Bugs Fixed

  * Fixes GB#572237, Remove deprecated Glib symbols
  * Fixes GB#604655, Fix detection of ioprio
  * Fixes NB#132761, Tracker does not extract metadata from WMA files


  The Deskbar applet packaged with Tracker is currently out of date
  and needs some love to get it working with the new APIs. It is in
  the same state as it was for 0.6. As such it isn't expected to work.

07 January 2010
Tracker team

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