TeleGNOME 0.1.1 released

What is it?

TeleGNOME downloads and displays Teletext pages from the Internet.

What's changed in 0.1.1?

 * Fix build where GtkType != guint (Debian #479740).
 * Clean up many uses of deprecated GNOME APIs, although there are still a
   few difficult ones left.
 * Add Categories field to .desktop file, so that it shows up in a
   reasonable place in menus.

  cs (Marek Černocký), da (Joe Hansen), de (Mario Blättermann), el (Μάριος
  Ζηντίλης), es (Jorge González), gl (Antón Méixome), pl (Piotr Drąg), sl
  (Matej Urbančič), sv (Daniel Nylander)

Where can I get it?

Source code:
sha256sum: d44849614e2a4eb25ff2031847c46a9d8b680946cc553cd2f493dbec9e2fda95
sha256sum: f711e93fa40dd138bbd0fb66561995048cde24f39d8c54b5d37a7fdc8525854a


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