gtk-engines 2.18.5

gtk-engines provides a central location for commonly used GTK+ engines.
It currently supplies several engines and default themes for those which
have one.

Overview of Changes in 2.18.5 (since 2.18.4)

Changes in this release:
 - Removal of a potential infinite loop in different clearlooks styles

GNOME bugs fixed in this release:
 603445 -  update to support automake 1.11 +silent build.

New and updated translations:
 Ivar Smolin (et)
 Lucian Adrian Grijincu (ro)


494db7876b8c69b760c097493e4c3566a71231c54a90eaa6ef9529884e2a9f12  gtk-engines-2.18.5.tar.bz2
469a3853371a4e6717ab8d69aa7248e6e65eb938845e02e237bfa1a93ab56eb6  gtk-engines-2.18.5.tar.gz

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