ANNOUNCEMENT: GNOME Activity Journal 0.3.3

GNOME Activity Journal 0.3.3�-�Release�Announcement

Codename: "Patrick Star meets Lady Gaga"

The GAJ &�Zeitgeist�team, are�proud to announce�the second development�release�of GNOME Activity Journal, codenamed�"Patrick Star meets Lady Gaga".

GNOME Activity Journal is not a File Browser but an Activity Browser. It�uses the�ZeitgeistFramework to display�what you did and introduces�a better�way�of finding�the things that you were doing�quickly.

What is done so far:

Since the last release we included some new features (but postponed others)

Alongside the "Pretty layout", "Pinning of stuff, "Calendar scrubbing" and the experimental "Tracker Search" we are introducing:

  • "Detailed Day View" accessible over left clicking the day label.
  • "Thumbnail View" accessible over right clicking the day label.�
  • Remove Items from the Journal�

Also a lot of bugs have been fixed alongside caching and�performance�improvements.

What to expect with the next releases:

  • Improve "right-click" menu (Display related files).
  • Add "right-click" menu to the new views.
  • Search and interaction.
  • Tags.
  • Remove�activities from the journal (permanently).
  • Fixing all open bugs .

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