ANNOUNCE: Gnome Subtitles 1.0

I'm very pleased to announce the immediate availability of Gnome
Subtitles 1.0. This release is the result of all development effort
carried on till now, into stable release. Besides the stabilization
effort, this release delivers the following features:
- Added drag-and-drop support for loading subtitle and video files
- Allow to set new options in the preferences:
  * Whether to save the translation when saving subtitles
  * Default and fallback character codings for opening files
  * Default subtitle format, character coding and newline type for saving files
  * Allow to remember the last used settings
- Fixed timings synchronization issue when "Sync All Subtitles" was used
- Activating (double-clicking) a sync point in the synchronization
dialog now selects the corresponding subtitle and seeks the video to
its position

Other features include:
- Allow to edit spinbutton's time text up to millisecond precision
- Wrap the subtitle text to fit the video area
- Changed the default newline type to Windows (CR+LF) to improve
compatibility with other platforms (including external video players)
- Fixed support for video filenames with special characters
- Fixed bug with the title bar showing the previously loaded file
- Fixed bug with the timings "seek to" dialog not reflecting timing mode changes
- Fixed use of LDADD when building
- Use libtool to produce shared libraries

This release features translations added or updated by:
- Alexander Shopov, Svetoslav Stefanov (bg)
- Marek Černocký, Petr Kovar, Rinu (cs)
- Joe Hansen (da)
- Mario Blättermann (de)
- Jorge González (es)
- Antón Méixome, Lois (gl)
- Mark Krapivner (he)
- Claudio Arseni (it)
- Piotr Drąg (pl)
- António Lima (pt)
- Andrej Žnidaršič, Matej Urbančič (sl)
- Daniel Nylander (sv)

Special thanks go to the following contributors on this release:
- Arx Cruz, Ildar Mulyukov, Peter Alfredsen

Additional thanks go to:
- A. Luz, Federico, Frederico Camara, ΙΟΑΝΝΗΣ ΜΠΟΥΡΔΑΚΗΣ, Yann Basly

The following bugs were fixed on this release:
- Set defaultsubtitle format, character coding and newline type in
preferences (#504656)
- Option to save Translation when saving Subtitles (#511167)
- The ability to manually change "from", "to" and "during" fields (#549060)
- Selecting subtitles in the Synchronize dialog (#585064)
- Ability to open files drag-dropping them onto the window (#585477)
- Use libtool to produce shared libraries (#592784)
- Title app bar shows previous srt played/viewed information (#596355)
- Crash when using video files with special characters (#608631)
- Srt files saved as Unix text (LF) (#609345)
- Window collapses the screen with a large subtitle (#610170)

Release notes with accompanying screenshots are available at: .

What is It?

Gnome Subtitles is a subtitle editor for the GNOME desktop. It
supports the most common
text-based subtitle formats and allows for subtitle editing,
conversion and synchronization.

* About:
* Screenshots:
* Download:


Pedro Castro

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