ANNOUNCE: Snowy 0.6.1 "Jagdterrier" Released

Dear friends,

I'm very happy to announce Snowy 0.6.1 "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel",
a minor bugfix update, meant to correspond with GNOME 2.91.4.  The
Tomboy Online alpha has been updated with this latest release, and the
next wave of invites will be mailed out soon.

This release features some of the first code drops from our work
during the Snowy Hackfest in November, such as the new theme and the
experimental mobile client.  Further mobile work, and a new note
sharing feature, along with some pieces of the note editing puzzle,
are in active development in various branches on github.  Expect some
goodies over the next few releases!

Still, this is alpha quality software.  As the Tomboy Online alpha
continues, we hope to be able to make sweeping statements about its
stability and security, but until then, do not trust it with your
fancy notes without a backup.  ;-)

Tomboy Online invites are being emailed out in phases to everyone who
fills out this survey:

For the uninitiated, Snowy is a web-based viewer for your Tomboy
notes.  It's written in Python using the Django web framework, and is
licensed under the AGPL.

Tomboy Online is a deployment of the Snowy software on GNOME servers,
intended to provide free note sync and online note access to all
Tomboy users.

Please check out our website here:

You can download the latest release here:

Version 0.6.1 "Jagdterrier.1"
* Re-apply mysql fix for django_openid_auth

Version 0.6 "Jagdterrier"
* Require Django 1.2
* First version of new theme based on Jeff Fortin's mockups from the
hackfest (#637614)
* Early incomplete experimental HTML5 offline mobile client (#630780)
* Improvements to preferences:
  + Export user data to JSON or tarball of .note files (experimental, #629590)
  + Better password changing UX (#631372)
  + Allow user to edit the OpenID account(s) associated with Snowy (#623291)
* Show which notebook a note belongs to (#613881)
* Fix redirection after account creation (#633067, #629853)
* Better error pages (#633766) and openid OpenID error messages (#632949)
* Fix display of notes with unicode link text (#633543)
* Other fixes: #629868, #634262

Contributors to this release include:

Aaron Borden, Jeff Schroeder, Leon Handreke, Natan Yellin, Sandy
Armstrong, Tony Young

We're very grateful to Google for their "Code-In" program, which has
helped bring us several nice contributions from talented students like
Natan and Tony.

You can see where we're planning on going by checking out our bug list:

All help is welcome!  Google Code-In has shown that there are plenty
of small bugs to help with.  Even with our new theme, we still welcome
feedback and ideas on the overall user experience of Snowy and Tomboy
Online.  Feel free to post your ideas or comment on others' at .

Please join us on snowy-list, or in #snowy on, and we'll help
you get all set up.

Thanks for your support,

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