ANNOUNCE: libfolks 0.3.3

libfolks 0.3.3 is now available for download from:



libfolks 0.3.3 — You yearned for me to fail
Libfolks pulls together contacts from any number of accounts supported
by the libfolks backends. This release includes a Telepathy backend
complete enough to power Empathy and a key file backend to allow contact
linking. We would like to include additional backends
(especially evolution-data-server), so let us know if we can help!

libfolks is not yet API or ABI stable, so please proceed with caution.
The 0.2.x series will stay stable relative to itself, but the 0.3.x
series breaks API with the 0.2.x series (to get it in better shape
before we do a final API freeze). See the NEWS file for details on every
break we make. In future releases, we will have example programs that
will be kept up-to-date with the latest API as well.

For more information, see the Folks wiki page:

What's new?

Major changes:
* Fix some minor leaks
* Add support for building gtk-doc documentation for the C API
* Fix some related documentation problems
* Fix some Vala problems caused by differences between Vala 0.10 and
* Finish off renaming interfaces (this is an API break; see below)
* Don't trust personas from IRC
* Handle invalid IM addresses more gracefully than with an assertion
* Fix a linking problem with the user's individual when going offline
  could lead to infinite loops

API changes:
* Rename the Avatar interface to HasAvatar
* Rename the Presence interface to HasPresence
* Rename the Favourite interface to Favouritable
* Add IMableError
* Throw IMableError from IMable.normalise_im_address()

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 635178 — Leak in
* Bug 635649 — autopoint fails to run
* Bug 635703 — Leak in connection_get_requestable_channel_classes_cb
* Bug 635823 — [PATCH] telepathy test not linking against GIO
* Bug 636251 — Fails to add contact
* Bug 629526 — Generate gtk-doc documentation
* Bug 627397 — Use better interface names
* Bug 636714 — Assertion failure on invalid IM address
* Bug 637136 — Infinite loop when disconnecting accounts

libfolks and depend upon core GNOME libraries (GLib, GIO, etc.), as well
as the recent releases of Vala and gobject-introspection.

The Telepathy backend also requires a recent release of
telepathy-glib, built to include its Vala bindings.

For any questions, comments, feature proposals, etc., please refer to
the Telepathy mailing list or #telepathy on Freenode.
For bug reports, please file them with the GNOME Bugzilla module "folks"

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