ANNOUNCEMENT: seahorse 2.31.91

Seahorse is the GNOME application for managing encryption keys and
passwords. It also integrates with nautilus, gedit and other places for
encryption/decryption operations.

This is a stable release for general use.

Highlights between 2.30.1 and 2.31.91:

    * Documentation [Thorsten Sick]
    * Use GDK accessor functions [Adam Schreiber]
    * Use smaller icons in "new" dialog [Adam Schreiber]
    * Build fixes [Adam Schreiber, Pablo Castellano, Matthias Ferdinand]

Details between 2.30.1 and 2.31.91:

A S Alam (1):
      update Translation in master for Punjabi by A S Alam

Adam Schreiber (7):
      make 2.30.1 release
      post release bump
      Finish making seahorse build with DGSEAL
      Use GDK accessor functions instead direc access (GSEAL fixes)
      Bug 622534  - Use smaller icons in "new" dialog
      Bug 618718  - Seahorse won't build with --disable-pgp
      Bug 624836  - Build error, pkcs11 must link against libgcr

Alexander Shopov (1):
      Updated Bulgarian translation

Andika Triwidada (3):
      Added Indonesian translation     Added id to LINGUAS
      Updated Indonesian translation
      Updated Indonesian translation

Andre Klapper (2):
      Fixes all but one issue for compiling with -DGSEAL_ENABLE. See bug
      Fix last commit.

Aron Xu (3):
      Update Simplified Chinese translation.
      Update Simplified Chinese translation.
      Update Simplified Chinese translation.

Carles Ferrando (1):
      Updated Catalan (Valencian) translation

Chao-Hsiung Liao (1):
      Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Claude Paroz (1):
      Updated French translation

Daniel Nylander (1):
      Updated Swedish translation

David Planella (1):
      Updated Catalan translation

Duarte Loreto (1):
      Updated Portuguese translation

Fran Diéguez (1):
      Updated Galician translations

Hideki Yamane (Debian-JP) (1):
      Updated Japanese translation.

Javier Jardón (1):
      Remove deprecated GTK+ symbol

Jordi Serratosa (1):
      Fixes to Catalan translation

Jorge González (3):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Kjartan Maraas (1):
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation

Mario Blättermann (2):
      [i18n] Updated German translation, fixed bug #622330
      [i18n] Updated German translation

Matej Urbančič (3):
      Updated Slovenian translation
      Updated Slovenian translation
      Updated Slovenian translation

Matthias Ferdinand (1):
      Fix compile error in seahorse_util.c

Mattias Põldaru (1):
      [l10n] Updated Estonian translation

Milo Casagrande (1):
      [l10n] Updated Italian translation

Pablo Castellano (2):
      Removed deprecated GTK macro
      Separate check for GCR and GP11 in building phase.

Peteris Krisjanis (1):
      Updated Latvian translation.

Petr Kovar (2):
      Update Czech translation by Marek Cernocky
      Update Czech translation by Marek Cernocky

Sira Nokyoongtong (1):
      Updated Thai translation.

Stef Walter (1):
      Ignore *.mo and seahorse.xml files in help/

TeliuTe (1):
      Add Simplified Chinese user guide translation.

Thomas Thurman (2):
      Updated Shavian transliteration
      Updated Shavian translation

Thorsten Sick (2):
      Full documentation for seahorse-progress.c
      Partial documentation for seahorse-keyserver-results.c

Tomáš Virgl (1):
      Updated Slovak translation

Yaron Shahrabani (2):
      Updated Hebrew translation.
      Updated Hebrew translation.

Yasumichi Akahoshi (1):
      Added Japanese translation.

drtv (1):
      Updated Tamil translation

Милош Поповић (1):
      Updated Serbian translation


Source code:
[MD5 sum: 029c6b7cfc9c2af7915409d71d57eee3]


    * Bug reports are appreciated and should be filed in the
      GNOME Bugzilla.

Stef Walter

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