ANNOUNCE: GNOME Activity Journal 0.5.0

GNOME Activity Journal 0.5.0 - "Defying Gravity"


The GAJ & Zeitgeist teams are proud to announce the 0.5.0 development

release of the GNOME Activity Journal codenamed "Defying Gravity".


What is GNOME Activity Journal?


GNOME Activity Journal is an Activity Browser, which lets you quickly

find what you did - with files, emails, and on the web. As opposed to

File Browsers, it mainly focuses on when you did something rather than

where the items you worked with are located. GAJ is powered by the

“awesome” Zeitgeist Framework.





About Zeitgeist:



What is done so far:


Since the last release we included some new features (but postponed others)

Alongside multiple bug fixes, major changes and features include:

* Improved start-up time

* Better support for Tomboy and websites

* An experimental toolbar providing

    * Access to "MultiView", “ThumbView”, and “TimelineView”

    * Improved search tool (please let us know, what you think of it)

    * Preferences (experimental Blacklists extension)

* Minor makeover of the visual appearance


What to expect with the next releases:


* A highlighting of categories containing search results

*Category tooltip, so that users can peek into collapsed categories

* More tooltip previews

* Improved widget caching

* Search on all views

* Improved search experience

* More keyboard shortcuts

* Accessibility





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