[ANNOUNCE] Vala Toys for gEdit 0.9.0

I'm proud to announce that vtg 0.9.0 is ready:

        Vala Toys for gEdit - "Coconut"

can be downloaded here:


This version supports the new valac 0.9.5.

NEWS for version 0.9.0

* Totally new Vala Gen Project dialog
* A more aggressive completion engine: it starts completing 
  after the first char typed
* Various fixes on the Vala Build Framework library
* Many other bugs fixed

Vala Toys for gEdit

Vala Toys for gEdit is an experimental collection of plugins that
extends the gEdit editor to make it a better developer editor. 

Vtg tries to make less compromises as possible so, for now, its scope is
narrowed only to support the Vala programming language.

Vtg is written in Vala itself and it is currently composed of just one
plugin with four modules and it adds to gEdit: 

      * Bracket completion
      * Symbol completion
      * Project Manager - based on the gnome build framework library 
      * Project build / execute

For more information see:





Detailed changelog from version 0.8.0 to version 0.9.0

New features:
    51: Bracket completion should be disabled in some cases
    92: Add support for local project vapis & vapi dirs
   106: Add a stop compilation menu item
   112: Implements a quick pick dialog also for projects
   114: Add a button to show C Error / Warnings
   124: The Cleanup & Cleanup + vala stamps menu' items should be merged

The Vtg developer

        Andrea Del Signore

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