GLib 2.24.2 released

Glib 2.24.2 is out:

3aeb521abd3642dd1224379f0e54915957e5010f888a4ae74afa0ad54da0160c  glib-2.24.2.tar.bz2
a6874b847d99618edb4bf86732ce00357711529a2592ded17e246063ad9f3374  glib-2.24.2.tar.gz

This is a small bugfix release.  Its primary purpose is to get the
long-since-fixed data corruption issue in GConverterOutputStream into a
packaged release.

There is also a workaround for the long-standing race condition in
gtester that sometimes causes 'make check' to hang.

Some other small fixes and translation updates are included.

I avoided more extensive backporting of fixes because the nature of the
master branch of glib has been quite hectic lately and because a 2.26.0
release of glib will be out within a month or so anyway.

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.24.1 to GLib 2.24.2

* Bugs fixed:
 578295 gtester has a race condition
 619945 GConverterOutputStream triggers assertion and corrupts data
 621168 GKeyFile memory leak on Windows platform
 616216 glib compile from remote directory fails

* Translation updates:

Thanks to all who contributed:
 Christian Dywan
 Jürg Billeter
 Tor Lillqvist
 Matthias Clasen

August 8, 2010
Ryan Lortie

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