glib 2.25.13 released


Due to a rather serious packaging bug in glib 2.25.12, I'm making a
quick 2.25.13 release.  You should not use glib 2.25.12.

I've made some changes to address that problem and hopefully prevent
similar problems from happening again.  I looked over the package and it
seems to be fine, but please be on the lookout for any possible issues
that I introduced with the new changes.

Download and SHA256:

        785297b1528cba6f2d20358ba7386be49bad0e7d50aa4b965d80a44eba14a5e0  glib-2.25.13.tar.bz2
        21001d2365f286f61710936d0e06fab7eef8d0aba57ffe37a5f8a41342e23c59  glib-2.25.13.tar.gz

There should be no API/ABI break time time around (at least compared to
last time).

We still expect to break GApplication API soon -- but that has been
pushed to 2.25.14 most likely (which should come some time next week or
the one after).

Here's the news:

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.25.12 to GLib 2.25.13

|   WARNING: There have been no breaks in API or ABI.  Weird, eh?   |

The primary purpose of this release is to fix a serious problem with
glib 2.25.12: glibconfig.h (as generated on a Fedora amd64 system) was
being distributed in the tarball.  It was being used to build some parts
of glib on other systems (eg: 32bit ones).  This was causing some very
serious problems.

There have been many other improvements, however:

 Build and testing:
  - vastly improved test coverage
  - old tests moved to the gtester framework
  - gtester Makefile modified so that the tests only run once
  - cleanup of how we handle includes while building glib

  - add a g_return_if_fail (utf8) to g_variant_new_string()

  - perform extra sanity checks when serialising messages
  - add API to query and set the byteorder of a GDBusMessage
  - improve debug output, add some extra options
  - if exiting due to the bus disconnecting us, print an error message
    explaining why
  - sort property names correctly
  - don't bother sending RemoveMatch when we will close the connection
  - use effective uid/gid for credential passing

  - add G_SETTINGS_BIND_INVERT_BOOLEAN for inverting boolean bindings
    without mapping functions
  - mark all strings in the schema compiler for translation

  - improve closure support for bindings
  - copy GSettings INVERT_BOOLEAN flag

  - fix another complicated GCancellable deadlock possibility

Bugs closed:
 599590 glib build doesn't look for correct pkg-config
 619026 avoid warning in gutils.h when using gcc with -Wconversion
 624739 Please fix
 625472 Valgrind claims uninitialized bytes used
 625500 g_date_set_time_val documentation doesn't mention local time
 625628 GDBusProxy: wrong property name sorting
 625753 Incorrect flags used in g_dbus_connection_call_sync()
 625827 Expand documentation about error quark naming
 625988 builddir != srcdir issues
 626107 glibconfig.h is being disted

Updated translations:
 Norwegian bokmål

The contributors to this release:
 Dan Winship
 David Zeuthen
 Emmanuele Bassi
 Fridrich Štrba
 Hannes Müller
 Mark Wielaard
 Matthias Clasen
 Milan Crha
 Philip Withnall
 Stef Walter
 ...and at the very last minute, Benjamin Otte.

Sorry for 2.25.12. :)


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