[ANNOUNCE] Vala Toys for gEdit 0.8.0

I'm proud to announce that vtg 0.8.0 is ready:

        Vala Toys for gEdit - "Summertime"

can be downloaded here:


This version supports the new valac 0.9.4.

NEWS for version 0.8.0

* Vala Gen Project now supports user project template
  (see http://code.google.com/p/vtg/wiki/ValaGenProject
   to know how to do yours and please share it ;) )
* Integrate the completion with the new GtkSourceView
  completion framework
* Better support for completing 'var' variables
* Better support for completion on standalone vala files
* Many other bugs fixed

Vala Toys for gEdit

Vala Toys for gEdit is an experimental collection of plugins that
extends the gEdit editor to make it a better developer editor. 

Vtg tries to make less compromises as possible so, for now, its scope is
narrowed only to support the Vala programming language.

Vtg is written in Vala itself and it is currently composed of just one
plugin with four modules and it adds to gEdit: 

      * Bracket completion
      * Symbol completion
      * Project Manager - based on the gnome build framework library 
      * Project build / execute

For more information see:





Detailed changelog from version 0.7.0 to version 0.8.0

New features:
    90: Gen-project: add library project type
   126: Add a compilation failed message
   130: Vala Gen Project 2nd Generation

Bugs fixed:
    41: changing the workspace will also move the completion window to the new workspace
    58: Crash on project closing / or gedit exit
    61: The selected project combobox in not properly updated
    62: In many cases vtg hangs the gedit (probably infinit/long loop)
    84: Vala sources that don't belong to any project aren't shown in the default project view
   103: Completion of events should always include connect / disconnect functions
   105: Search in project doesn't work if source directory doesn't contains a vapi file
   107: Single file compile is not enabled if a project isn't loaded
   118: Random crash when vtg uses the completion engine
   121: GEDIT_REQUIRED should be 2.28
   122: [PATCH] Afrodite: Change public fields to properties
   123: Last compile options are not saved
   127: The SourceOutliner pane is not cleaned when last tab is closed
   129: Crash  on Slackware 13.0
   131: Undefined references to 'vala_read_only_list_new' on vala-0.8
   132: r578 Makefile.in not found error.
   134: GEdit saves also local files asynch
   135: Can't compile libafrodite alone

The Vtg developer

        Andrea Del Signore

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