Yelp 2.31.1

I've just released Yelp 2.31.1. This is the first release
from the 3.0 work that's been underway for the last six
months. It features a completely revamped interface that
focuses more directly on the document you're viewing.
And it's fast.

Please note that bookmarks, full-text search, printing,
and man and info pages are not in this release. These
are *temporary* regressions. They will be implemented
before 3.0.

Source packages can be found here:

Yelp now requires the yelp-xsl package. This replaces
the run-time transformations from gnome-doc-utils. It
can be found here:

Also, Yelp is using the new GSettings API from GLib.
Source releases for GLib can be found here:

As of 2.25.3, there is a critical bug that prevents
Yelp from building correctly. If you build 2.25.3
from the source release, please apply the patch on
this bug first:

Have fun, and happy writing.


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