Zeitgeist 0.3.3 released

On behalf of the Zeitgeist Project team, I am pleased to announce the
immediate availability of Zeitgeist 0.3.3. It introduces an improved
relationship algorithm, new sorting types for queries, a data-source
registry (providing the possibility of easily disabling individual
loggers) and several bug fixes and other enhancements.

What is Zeitgeist?

Zeitgeist is an event-logging framework for desktop and mobile
devices. Applications can push events into the log, and anyone can
query the log via the rich query API. The logged events are
semantically categorized and can come from any sort of activity, such
as file usage, communications, browsing history, etc. The Zeitgeist
engine is a user-level service and does not provide a GUI. It is
intended to support dedicated journalling applications and deep
integration with other desktop components.


Downloads: https://launchpad.net/zeitgeist/+download

About Zeitgeist: http://zeitgeist-project.com

Wiki: http://live.gnome.org/Zeitgeist

News since 0.3.2


 - Added MostPopularActor, LeastPopularActor, MostRecentActor and
   LeastRecentActor as possible ReturnTypes for FindEvents and
   FindEventsId (LP: #493903).
 - Let {Find,Get,Insert}* hooks know the bus name of the caller, when
   executed over D-Bus.
 - Add an extension implementing a data-source registry (allowing to disable
   data-sources from a centralized place and see their description).
 - Overhauled FindRelatedUris for better results and improved performance.
 - Changed FindEvents, FindEventIds and FindRelatedUris to not treat zeros in
   the given TimeRange specially; "(0, 0)" can no longer be used (LP: #490242).
 - Fixed a crash in the GtkRecentlyUsed data-source parsing malfored .desktop
   files (LP: #526357), and added support for more file mimetypes (LP: #510761).
 - Fixed a crash in the GtkRecentlyUsed data-source trying to read broken
   symlinks disguised as .desktop files (LP: #523761).
 - Fixed a crash in the GtkRecentlyUsed data-source which happened when there
   was no display friendly version of a URI (LP: #531793).
 - Renamed --no-passive-loggers option to --no-datahub. Output printed by
   zeitgeist-datahub is no longer visible in zeitgeist-daemon's output.
 - Added --log-level option to change the output verbosity.
 - DeleteEvents now correctly removes any unreferenced values (URIs, actors,
   etc.) and not only the events themselves (LP: #491646).
 - Fixed insertion of events with a payload (LP: #557708).
 - Fixed an exception in DeleteEvents.
 - Fixed event deletions not always getting committed (LP: #566184).
 - Ignore deletion requests for non-existant events.

Python API:
 - Made the Interpretation and Manifestation classes iterable.
 - Added symbol lookup by URI, in the form of dictionary access.
 - Fixed the display name for Interpretation.SOURCECODE.
 - Fixed find_events_for_values and find_event_ids_for_values (LP: #510804).
 - Added a get_extension() method to ZeitgeistDBusInterface, to get convenient
   access to D-Bus interfaces provided by engine extensions.

 - More fixes and code enhancements.
 - Manpage updates.
 - Translation updates.


Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
Free Software Developer       363DEAE3

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