ANNOUNCE: Glom 1.14.0

*** Glom

With Glom you can design table definitions and the relationships between 
them, plus arrange the fields on the screen. You can edit and search the 
data in those tables, and specify field values in terms of other fields. 
It's as easy as it should be.

More information and screenshots are at


New features in Glom 1.14, compared to Glom 1.12:
* Details:
  - Align widgets in neighbouring groups, making things look generally neater.
    (and fix a bug that made the widgets far too wide.)
* Details and List:
  Allow custom formatting of static text and buttons instead of just fields.
* Field Formatting:
  - Add the option to use a different text color for negative values.
    Suggested by Mathias Hasselmann.
  - Add a horizontal alignment option, though we still right-align numbers
    by default. Bug #591125 (Patrick Chan)
  - Allow choices to be shown as radio buttons instead of a drop-down combo box.
    Requested by Frederik Vande Rieviere.
* Many small UI improvements.
* Field calculations and button scripts:
  - Fields values may now be changed like so:
    record["fieldname"] = 123
  - Simple navigation is posible via, for instance:
    ui.show_table_details("artists", 10)
    where 10 is the value of the primary key in the table.
  - Added ui.print_layout(), ui.print_report(report_name), 
  and ui.start_new_record() methods.
  - Added a startup script feature, in Database Preferences.
* Plus several important bug fixes.

1.14.0: (stable)

* Design Mode:
  - Notebook properties: Fix crash.
  - Reports: Secondary Fields: Fix crash.
* Creating from example:
  - Really save the new filename in the recent files list.
  (Murray Cumming, Openismus)
  - Don't show error dialog when user cancels creation from an example.
  (Daniel Borgmann, Openismus)
* Opening recent files: Warn when a file doesn't exist, and forget it, 
  instead of just showing a generic error dialog.
  (Murray Cumming, Openismus)
* Python scripts and field calculations: Fix a Glom 1.13 bug with use of 
  date fields.
* User Interface: General cleanup. The dialogs are more compliant with the 
  GNOME HIG and there are many minor ixes to the user interface.
  (Daniel Borgmann, Openismus)
* Build:
  - Fix the build with --as-needed.
  (David King, Openismus)
  - Add tests for the Glade XML files.
  (Murray Cumming, David King, Openismus)
* Windows Installer: Update for Glom 1.14
  (Armin Burgmeier)

1.13.9 (unstable):

* Field Formatting: Allow choices to be shown as radio buttons instead of a 
  drop-down combo box. Requested by Frederik Vande Rieviere.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Python scripts: Added a startup script feature, in Database Preferences.
* Initial Dialog: Do not crash sometimes if cancelling the file chooser.
  (Murray Cumming) Bug #612303 (David King)
* Build:
  - Don't use deprecated gtkmm API. This requires the latest gtkmm.
  (Murray Cumming)
  - Require the correct gtkmm and libsigc++ versions.
  (David King)
* Fix the Glade file so it can be opened with the latest glade-3 (when the 
  gtksourceview glade catalog is installed).
  (David King)

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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