Nautilus-Actions 2.30.1 is out

Hi everybody,

We are pleased to announce the latest stable release of Nautilus-Actions!

What is it ?

    Nautilus-Actions is an extension for Nautilus file manager which
    allows to add arbitrary items to Nautilus context menus, menubar
    and toolbar.

What is new in this release ?


    - Slightly relax the validity rules of a profile, so that already
      existing actions may be still considered as valid, even when 
      commands do not use an absolute path.
    - Current position and folder of icons chooser dialog are now saved.

    Bug fixes:

    - Fix #614595 reported by Sense Hofstede
      (Not all icons displayed in the nautilus-actions-config-tool)
    - Fix #614596 reported by Sense Hofstede
      (Nautilus Actions' actions don't show up in context menus)
    - Do not prevent the export assistant to actually export items
    - Do not let a user untoggle a sort button
    - Do not mark the main window modified when first loading an empty set
    - Folders are definitively a list of paths
    - Also load items which are only described via their schemas
    - Only set defaults on non yet allocated data
    - Parent is not always an action, may be a menu
    - Also delete embedded schema names from GConf entries
    - Monitors GConf schemas

    Code enhancement:

    - No more use GTK_WIDGET_IS_SENSITIVE macro after Gtk 2.20

    Other modifications:

    - Menu plugin is renamed as
      to be consistent with

    New and updated translations:

    - cs (Marek Černocký, Andre Klapper)
    - es (Jorge González)
    - sl (Andrej Žnidaršič, Matej Urbančič)

Nautilus-Actions 2.30.1 is available for download at

    sha1sum: 86d9bf53412f0fe4ee1fbc13dfde4c924c985d0b
     md5sum: f9d6f939548b0c07cb2ce14fbf4105d1

Home page is here:

Bug reports are always welcomed at

All questions relative to Nautilus-Actions can also be posted on its
dedicated mailing list available at

Have a lot of fun with it !


The Nautilus-Actions maintainer(s).

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