GNOME DVB Daemon 0.1.10 released

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This release features an improved D-Bus API.
When scanning for channels all scrambled channels can be unselected at
once. Channels can be assigned to any number of groups.
You have to delete your configuration at ~/.config/gnome-dvb-daemon in
order to use this version. Future versions will provide a way to update
the database scheme.
This version depens on libgee 0.5.0.

DVB Daemon is a daemon written in Vala and based on GStreamer to setup
your DVB devices, record and watch TV shows and browse EPG. It can be
controlled via its D-Bus interface or the UIs it comes with.



Changes since 0.1.9
- - Added	CheckButton to (de)select scrambled channels
- - Updated DBus API for ChannelList: Use out parameter and return TRUE on
success where applicable
- - Use out parameters and return true on	success for GetScannerForDevice,
GetDeviceGroup and	GetNameOfRegisteredDevice Manager
- - Use out parameters and return true on	success for AddTimer,
AddTimerWithMargin, AddTimerForEPGEvent, GetStartTime, GetEndTime,
GetDuration, GetChannelName, GetTitle, GetAllInformations in Recorder
- - Use out parameters and return true on success for GetLocation,
GetName, GetDescription, GetStartTime,	GetStartTimestamp, GetLength,
GetChannelName, GetAllInformations in RecordingsStore
- - Use out parameters and return true for GetInformations, GetName,
GetShortDescription, GetExtendedDescription,	GetDuration,
GetLocalStartTime, GetLocalStartTimestamp, IsRunning and IsScrambled in
- - Display extended event description in textview instead of	expanding
the selected row
- - Display dialog with details when double-clicking on an event in What's
on now view on control center
- - Overlapping timers on the same channel never conflict
- - Added vapi/config.vapi to EXTRA_DIST target
- - Display error dialog if writing channels.conf fails
- - Refactored Sqlite database access: This adds support for versioned
database schemes and the possibility to upgrade them.
- - Added support for assigning channels to one or more groups
- - Added ChannelListEditorDialog
- - Moved to libgee 0.5.0

Updated Translations:
- ---------------------
- - Finnish
- - French
- - German
- - Polish
- - Serbian
- - Spanish
- - Swedish
- - Telugu

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Sebastian Pölsterl
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