F-Spot is out

I pushed f-spot out of the door. It's a bugfix release to keep
working on gtk+-2.18.

the screensaver still doesn't work on gtk+-2.18, but the fix is now in
gtk+ master and will be part of gtk+-2.18.1, pretty soon said alexl.

when I was at releasing, I fixed some other bugs and backported
translations from master. here's the release notes:

f-spot - Sep 28 2009 - Bare Feet In The Grass
- bugfix release for 0.6.x branch
 - call g_type_init () prior to using gconf (bgo #593561)
 - avoid echoing an entry as tip (bgo #595606, bnc #318452)
 - check for existing files on version creation (bgo #596071)
 - set the progress dialog properties atomically (bgo #595228)
 - avoid a crash in the facebook extensions (bgo #595418) (Iain Lane)
 - fix slideshow transitions on gdk csw (>=2.18)
 - prevent a crash on broken exif data (bgo #595503) (Karl Mikaelsson)
 - support for X-GNOME-FullName in .desktop files (bgo #596240)
 - avoid locking on loading tiffs (bgo #592278)
 - better support for parallel build (bgo #593243) (Christian Krause)
 - avoid a crash on some broken color profiles (bgo #596279)
 - don't copy files to memory first at import (libgphoto2 >= 2.4, for
usb cameras only) (bgo #596196)
 - backported translations from master



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