ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.7.0 released

tracker 0.7.0 is now available for download from:

3e735bfc46390ec0c6d2d419a0f52f27  tracker-0.7.0.tar.gz

What is it?
All-in-one indexer, search tool and metadata database.

Where can I find out more?
You can visit the project web site:

What's New?

  * Library: libtracker-miner
    A common library for data miners to use allowing easy integration
    with Tracker. This provides D-Bus integration, state and progress
    APIs and a means to pause / resume your miner.

  * Library: libtracker-client
    This API has been completely changed. It is much simpler now and
    relies more on the SPARQL language than specific APIs to query

  * Daemon: tracker-store
    Completely reworked to accept SPARQL queries and updates.
    Implements Nepomuk ontology instead of flawed own brand. This
    ontology is implemented following the W3C RDF semantics.

  * Database: Completely redesigned ALL databases.
    These now support triple store and allow much faster querying.

  * Application: tracker-miner-fs
    Implements libtracker-miner and facilitates the old roles of
    tracker-indexer and some of the old roles from trackerd like file
    system crawling. This mines data and sends it to tracker-store to
    put in the database about files AND applications.

  * Application: tracker-sparql
    A command line tool to query or update the databases using SPARQL.

  * Application: tracker-import
    A command line tool to import data kept in Turtle files.

  * Application: tracker-search-bar
    An applet for quickly searching for music, videos, images,
    documents and folders.

  * Application: tracker-status-icon
    Previously tracker-applet, but rewritten and now much simpler.
    This provides state and progress information about all miners
    which are running. This also allows the user to pause / resume
    data miners.

  * Application: tracker-search-tool
    This has been completely rewritten using vala and the new
    architecture underneath it. Support for the old features are not
    quite there yet, but it is similar to its predecessor!

  * Application: tracker-explore
    This is an application written to explore data in the database and
    each item's relationship to the next. This really demonstrates
    Tracker's ontology and provides it through full text searching.

  * Plugin: Evolution
    Now the evolution plugin is supported by the developers instead of
    us dipping into their databases (as previously) which is dangerous
    and unsafe. Also this implements the libtracker-miner API so it
    can be controlled using tracker-status-icon.

  * Patches: Nautilus & GtkFileChooser
    These are currently submitted upstream to support the new APIs for
    continued integration between Tracker and GNOME.


  Too many to list here and so much development some are even obsolete.


  There is currently no migration path from 0.6. to 0.7. So all
  configurations will have to be re-set up for now. This is planned to
  be added before a 0.8 release.

  Tracker 0.6 and 0.7 can co-exist together. Logs/configs/databases/
  are now stored in different places or named differently. All
  library/D-Bus APIs now versioned too.

  Man pages have all been revamped providing information about all new
  commands too.


25 September 2009
Tracker team

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