ANNOUNCE: Glom 1.12.0

*** Glom

With Glom you can design table definitions and the relationships between 
them, plus arrange the fields on the screen. You can edit and search the 
data in those tables, and specify field values in terms of other fields. 
It's as easy as it should be.

More information and screenshots are at

What's new in Glom 1.12:

* Network sharing of self-hosted databases is now off by default, and can be 
  enabled by the new File/Share On Network menu item. So you will not be 
  asked for an initial password when creating a new file.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Allow field table and field names to use uppercase characters.
* Import and Export: Corrected the .csv file format.
* Related Records: Added a None navigation option.
* Opening: When the file format is too new, actually say so.
* libglom: Make this parallel-installable. It's now tested by 
  a qt viewer (qlom) and some java test code.
* Bug-fixes from Glom 1.10.
* Build: Removed the Bakery and libglade dependencies.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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