ANNOUNCE - Ekiga 3.2.6 [STABLE] available

This is the sixth stable release of the 3.2 version of Ekiga.

* What is it ?

Ekiga is a free Voice over IP softphone allowing you to do free calls
over the Internet.

Ekiga is the first Open Source application to support both H.323 and
SIP, as well as audio and video. Ekiga was formerly known as

More information can be found at

* Where to get it ?

Ekiga is available at:

Required librairies can be found at:

* What's changed ?

** User-visible fixes
- Fixed crashes shown as assertion failed in
- Fixed crash when device list is empty or contains non-latin1 characters
- Fixed crash when pressing shift-f10 (popup menu) in Preferences window
- Fixed possible crash when garbage collecting REGISTER requests
- Fixed possible segfault when receiving a NOTIFY
- Fixed freeze by preventing SIP handlers retry timer from executing
  during destruction
- Fixed freeze during packet write
- Fixed "Lockup after a day of idle" in publishing code
- Fixed various deadlocks in the OPAL subscription code
- Added "%limit" workaround for registrars which refuse several
  contacts during registration
- Fixed "Contacts never go offline"
- Fixed "New SIP account mangles fields if Authentications User is empty"
- Make sure the output device is set before a call
- Fixed port handling when registering to a proxy with a non-standard port
- Fixed "In some circumstances, smileys are not displayed graphically"
- Improved audio latency when not collecting all of the audio data
- Fixed the newmessage.wav file
- Fixed "Accounts were automatically active after editing them"
- Make possible to register e.g. user a b as user name as required by
  some providers
- Remove deprecated "Encoding" field from desktop file

** Protocol fixes
- Fixed problem with REGISTER IntervalTooBrief response handling not
  using correct interface for new transaction
- Fixed "480 Temporarily Unavailable" response handling
- Fixed problem with doing DNS lookup when using explicit proxy or
  presence agent
- Fixed problem with PUBLISH using wrong expiry after Interval Too Brief
- If we find no authentication information when subscribing, keep trying
  as it could become available at a later stage
- Changed so does not put both global and media specific connection
  addresses in SDP if they are the same (needed for freephonie SIP
- Fixed support for unusual SIP "start with hold", that is an initial
  offer INVITE with a connection address of
- Fixed failure to retry (after a suitable period) REGISTER/SUBSCRIBE
  if get transport level timeout
- Added closing of our local media streams if remote sends a re-INVITE
  and leaves out streams (e.g. video) that were there previously
- Fixed problems when can not bind to any interface
- Fixed various problems with some SDP options
- Fixed regression where the username would be lost from the Contact
- Fixed invalid request-uri in BYE request
- Fixed issue with overlapping INVITEs
- Fixed H.263-1998 plug in compilation, by asking latest avcodec
- Fixed "OpalBitRateCalculator limits bitrates"
- Fixed "SIP wrong response on a failed REFER-request"
- Fixed "SIP: OK response to CANCEL incomplete"
- Do not send "100 Trying" message when receiving a NOTIFY message
- Fixed incorrect register/subscribe refresh timer calculation

** Build fixes
- Support building on kFreeBSD
- Fixed problem with moving libsoup api
- Various fixes for SIP and H323 configuration
- Fixed "A build error when generating SunAudio ptlib plugin"
- Fixed "The video convertor of YUY2toYUV420P in ptlib does not work"
- Fixed "The absence of libv4l2 should not block V4L2 ptlib plugin"
- and other minor changes

** Windows port fixes
- Thanks to Michael Rickmann's continuous work, Windows port has
  reached a quality almost comparable to GNU/Linux version.  We invite
  people to test it, see ekiga wiki.  Some improvements:
  - shortened audio delay
  - DirectX video input and output
  - device name handling
  - fixed audio volume
  - fixed building with mingw
  - made so the linker doesn't find main on win32
  - Keep the output sound volume across calls

** Distributor-visible changes
- Changed default for AVC plug in to be disabled until someone fixes
  the plug in
- Note: Pulse audio server does not play nicely with ekiga, very high
  latencies are noticed

** Translation fixes
- Updated translations: ar, bn, et, ga, hi, hu, ko, lt, ml, nb, sr,
  sr latin, uk, zh_HK, zh_TW
- New translations: ca valencia
- Updated help translations: de

On behalf of Ekiga/ptlib/opal teams,
Eugen Dedu

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