Brasero 2.28.0 Release

Hi, the Brasero Team is proud to announce the first stable release for
GNOME 2.28

Brasero 2.28.0:

This releases tries to improve drives and media probing to make it
safer. It also fixes a few warnings and bugs:
- fix #594530 -  BRASERO_MEDIA_TYPE_ALL_BUT_FILE doesn't math
ALL_BUT_FILE anymore
- fix #594336 -  Brasero audio CD creator fails to load FLAC/WAV files
without file type name extensions
- fix for #594417 -  crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_instance_get_private()
- fix a potential data corruption with dvdcss and libisofs in certain conditions

Lots of updated translations:
Amitakhya Phukan <aphukan fedoraproject org>: Updated Assamese translations.
A S Alam <aalam users sf net>:  Updated Translation for Punjabi by A S Alam
Adi Roiban <adi roiban ro>:  Updated Romanian translation
Takayuki KUSANO <AE5T-KSN asahi-net or jp>: Updated Japanese translation
Rajesh Ranjan <rranjan rranjan csb>:  Updated hindi
Tomasz Dominikowski <dominikowski gmail com>: Updated Polish translation
Maxim V. Dziumanenko <dziumanenko gmail com>:  Added Ukrainian translation
Bruce Cowan <bcowan fastmail co uk>: Updated British English translation
Kostas Papadimas <pkst gnome org>: Updated Greek help translation.
Tommi Vainikainen <thv iki fi>:  Updated Finnish translation
Ani <peter ani gmail com>: Updated Malayalam Translations
Shankar Prasad <svenkate redhat com>: Updated Kannada(kn) translation
Fran Diéguez <fran dieguez glug es>: Updated Galician Translation
Mads Lundby <lundbymads gmail com>: Updated Danish translation
Astur <malditoastur gmail com>:  Added Asturian translation
Gintautas Miliauskas <gintautas miliauskas lt>: Updated Lithuanian translation.
krishnababu k <kkrothap redhat ocm>: Updated Telugu Translation
Runa Bhattacharjee <runab redhat com>:  Updated Bengali India Translations
Aron Xu <aronxu gnome org> : Updated Simplified Chinese translation.


Please report bugs to:

Mailing List for User and Developer discussion: brasero-list gnome org

GIT Repository:

Thanks to all the people who contributed to this release through
patches, translation, advices, artwork, bug reports.

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