GDM2 2.28.0 (stable), the "New World Order" Release

The 2.28.0 release is a stable release of the GNOME Display Manager
(GDM) program with the following bug fixes and improvements:

- Now GDM supports the ability to specify the automatic/timed login user
  via a script via the same interface that the old GDM supported.
- Now the user's dmrc and face image files are stored in /var/cache/gdm,
  so that the login process does not need to access the user's $HOME
  directory before authentication.  Refer to bug #565151.
- Fix the login GUI options widget so the language/session/layout
  choices are not reset after a failed login.
- Fix language dialog so it does not crash if the user click's the "OK"
  button when no language is selected.
- Fix to ensure that the login dialog regains focus after the language
  or layout dialogs are used.
- The language dialog has improved logic to sort the language names more
- Make sure to check error variable is not NULL before referencing it in
  the gdm-user-manager code.
- Make sure to not print NULL strings since this causes crashes on some
- Improve documentation.

Documentation & Downloading

Online Documentation -
Latest Stable        -
Latest Unstable      -
Bug Reporting        - in the "gdm" category.

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