Announce: GOK 2.28.0

What is GOK?

GOK enables users to control their free desktops without having to rely
on a standard keyboard or mouse. It includes a suite of on-screen
keyboards as well as dynamic keyboard generation. Please see for details.

What's changed for GOK 2.28.0?

New and updated translations:

	[ar] Khaled Hosny
	[as] Amitakhya Phukan
	[da] Ask H. Larsen
	[de] Christian Kirbach
	[en_GB] Philip Withnall
	[gu] Sweta Kothari
	[hi] Rajesh Ranjan
	[hu] Gabor Kelemen
	[it] Francesco Marletta
	[ja] Takayuki KUSANO
	[kn] Shankar Prasad
	[ko] Changwoo Ryu
	[lt] Gintautas Miliauskas
	[ml] Ani
	[pa] A S Alam
	[pl] Piotr Drąg
	[ro] Lucian Adrian Grijincu
	[sl] Matej Urbančič
	[sr] Miloš Popović
	[sr latin] Miloš Popović
	[te] Krishnababu K
	[tr] Baris Cicek
	[zh_CN] Aron Xu

Where can I get it?

You can obtain GOK 2.28.0 in source code from:

SHA256: 2862f59f31a2961bfad1057e2899c995885a057810d522b0a67b2eab8a56e6cb

SHA256: 2ae0b6622839b7ebb01220f0d40b09fc0cfe612650c1e75a74100d728e6ef226

Thanks to all contributors,
the GOK team

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