mm-common 0.8 released

mm-common 0.8 "STFU!" is now available for download at:

SHA256 sums:
604c9b94629a4300e399ba72b497bedf1bf3c92b33ab8e688c32f70afe38e3c8  mm-common-0.8.tar.bz2
87dac668606a2a7ece520f4f79eed93bd26df0475265e9d9d2e2c2a2b929ca32  mm-common-0.8.tar.gz

Enjoy the silence.

* Support for Automake 1.11 silent rules has been implemented
  in the shared Automake include files.

* The base path of the Devhelp file is now correctly translated
  at installation time even with Automake 1.11.

* A number of output directories are now created automatically
  at build time if needed, so that it is no longer necessary to
  put dummy files into otherwise empty directories.

* The automatically generated ChangeLog file now omits merge

* The skeleton source tree now includes an examples/ directory
  a skeletonmm.h single-include header file.

* The skeleton Doxygen configuration file has been corrected
  and updated for Doxygen 1.6.1.

* The utility no longer splits glob patterns
  with embedded whitespace into multiple patterns.


* This is neither a stable release nor a development release,
  but a base module for developing C++ bindings.

* There is no GNOME Bugzilla component for mm-common yet.  For now,
  bugs should be reported to the gtkmm-list gnome org mailing list.

About mm-common

The mm-common module provides the build infrastructure and utilities
shared among the GNOME C++ binding libraries.  It is only a required
dependency for building the C++ bindings from the version
control repository.  An installation of mm-common is not required for
building tarball releases, unless configured to use maintainer-mode.

Release archives of mm-common include the Doxygen tag file for the
GNU C++ Library reference documentation.  It is covered by the same
license as the source code it was extracted from.  More information
is available at <>.

More information about the GNOME C++ bindings is available at:

September 21, 2009
Daniel Elstner

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