ANNOUNCE: Glom 1.11.2

*** Glom

With Glom you can design table definitions and the relationships between 
them, plus arrange the fields on the screen. You can edit and search the 
data in those tables, and specify field values in terms of other fields. 
It's as easy as it should be.

More information and screenshots are at

The 1.11.x releases are unstable development releases that will soon 
become Glom 1.12, roughly according to the GNOME 2.28 release schedule.

1.11.2 (unstable):

* Fixed deprecated-disabled build with latest gtkmm.
* Client-only build fixes.
* Maemo build fixes.
  (Johannes Schmid, Murray Cumming, Openismus)
* Refactoring of .csv importing code.
  Bug #588233.
  (Michael Hasselmann)

1.11.1 (unstable):

* Really save field definition changes again.
  Ubuntu Launchpad bug (elmergato)
* Allow table and field names to use uppercase characters.
  (requires the latest libgda - either libgda 4.0.4 or libgda 4.1.2.)
  Bug #587051
* Do not fail too soon when self-starting a PostgreSQL instance, though the 
  time to wait until PostgreSQL should be ready is still a hard-coded number.
* Export:
  - Correct the export to use the CSV specification elmergato)
  - Don't open the format dialog behind the FileChooser dialog.
    Ubuntu Launchpad bug (elmergato)
  - Offer File overwrite confirmation.
    Ubuntu Launchpad bug (elmergato)
  - Allow many fields to be added to the format at once.
    Ubuntu Launchpad bug (elmergato)
* Import:
  - Handle commas inside quotes, and escaped quotes, as per the CSV 
    specification. (elmergato)
* Complain about unknown command-line options instead of crashing.
* Document's MIME-type registration: Us an xmlns ID.
* Related Records: Navigation option: Hide the navigation button when the new 
  "None" option is used. Bug #574360
  (Murray Cumming, Openismus)
* Various corrections to the automatic use of ports when self-hosting.
  (Armin Burgmeier, Openismus)
* When the file format is too new, show an error message that actually says so.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Initial ldtp test scripts, to test the UI.
  (Armin Burgmeier, Openismus)
* libglom:
  - Add an ABI version (1.2) to the shared library and the headers location, 
    so we may break ABI painlessly when we need to.
  - Remove any client-only or PostgreSQL/SQLite ifdefs, so that libglom always 
    offers all functionality, to avoid the need to have multiple versions of 
    libglom installed if you have multiple Glom builds installed. Only the 
    no-exceptions build option remains, because they will never be on the same 
  - Remove any Maemo-specific ifdefs because libglom is non-UI.
  - Fix the pkg-config .pc file.
  - Avoid calling g_thread_init() twice, fixing a crash.
  - Correct the headers' installation location.
 (David King, Openismus)
* Build:
  - Use non-recursive build and run tests during make check.
  (Daniel Elstner, Openismus)
  - Fix crashes in the client-only build.
  (Armin Burgmeier, Openismus)
  - Fix the build on Maemo 5 (Fremantle).
  (Johannes Schmid, Openismus)

1.11.0 (unstable):

* Network sharing of self-hosted databases is now off by default, and can be 
  enabled by the new File/Share On Network menu item.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Performance improvement when first connecting to the database.
  (Armin Burgmeier)
* Fix crash if the "Connect to Server" dialog is cancelled and then a document 
  is opened.
  (Michael Hasselmann)
* Related Records:
  - Allow navigation to be disabled.
    (Michael Hasselmann)
  - Navigation now works to alternate specified relationships.
	  (Murray Cumming) Bug #579172 (Michael Hasselmann)
* Details:
  - Image fields: Performance improvements and user feedback.
    (Armin Burgmeier)
  - Disable the Open button next to ID fields if the field is empty.
    (Murray Cumming) Bug #565023.	
* Requires gtkmm 2.14 rather than gtkmm 2.10.
* Removed Bakery dependency (by including a fork of that code).
* Removed libglade dependency (using Gtk::Builder instead).
* Require a newer goocanvasmm.
* Add runtime checks for the Python module.
* libglom: Removed dependencies on UI libraries such as GTK+.
  (Murray Cumming)

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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