Devhelp 2.27.92 released


Richard Hult passed me maintainership of Devhelp, thanks for all the

Devhelp is an API documentation browser for GTK+ and GNOME. It works
natively with gtk-doc (the API reference framework developed for GTK+
and used throughout GNOME for API documentation). If you use gtk-doc
with your project, you can use Devhelp to browse the documentation. 

Devhelp 2.27.92 is now available for download at:

a9cd74c43b5bb8a502a5e7bcb2fd2553  devhelp-2.27.92.tar.gz

Fixed bugs:

 - #517003, Translated strings are not being used in gedit's plugin
 - #552640, New tabs should not steal focus
 - #563036, Desensitize zoom items when non applicable
 - #566117, Book titles should be forced to be single line
 - #566459, generate Enumeration and Flag Types
 - #568172, Wrong management of fonts
 - #571626, Space should scroll down
 - #578964, Make Ctrl+C copy the symbol name in the symbol listing pane
 - #579539, New tabs don't suit a window well
 - #585110, Use accessor functions instead direct access
 - #585670, Blank Screen on DevHelp Assistant
 - #587984, emacs devhelp-word-at-point clobbers global "w"
 - #587986, does not close <sub>
 - #587999, Page sensitive searches have been broken.
 - #588655, Work around deprecated g_mapped_file_free()
 - #588850, Installs empty images dir
 - #590207, link in About dialog is out of date
 - #590209, toolbar actions could use some is_important love
 - #591046, Assistant window resizes automatically
 - #592157, Application name is desktop file and main window is not
 - #592712, build fails using automake 1.11
 - #592750, Support silent build rules with automake 1.11
 - #593174, Incredibly small string fix

Updated translations: ar, de, en_GB, et, fr, hu, it, nb, pl, pt_BR,
pt, sv, tr

Many thanks to all contributors: Duarte Loreto, Michael Gratton, Kjartan
Maraas, Ivar Smolin, Khaled Hosny, Baris Cicek, Daniel Nylander, Mario
Blättermann, Luca Ferretti, Tomasz Dominikowski, Claude Paroz, Bruce Cowan,
Richard Cohen, Javier Jardón, Gabor Kelemen, Gustavo Noronha Silva, Og B.

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