ANNOUNCEMENT: seahorse 2.29.3

Seahorse is the GNOME application for managing encryption keys and
passwords. It also integrates with nautilus, gedit and other places for
encryption/decryption operations.

This is a developement release for general use.

Details between 2.29.1 and 2.29.3:

    * Set default key length to 2048 bits [Adam Schreiber]
    * Generate RSA-sign/RSA-encrypt key in one pass [nobled]
    * Support GPG 2.0 [Jeff Cai]
    * Fix window signals [Pablo Castellano]
    * GTK-doc comments [Thorsten Sick]
    * SSH Key importing fix [Jeff Cai]

    * Romanian [Adi Roiban]
    * Shavian [Thomas Thurman]
    * Latvian [Peteris Krisjanis]
    * Catalan [Carles Ferrando]
    * Japanese [Takayuki KUSANO]


Source code:
[MD5 sum: 6ac3bc8952b2d953db5cc4eb85421351]


  * Bug reports are appreciated and should be filed in the
    GNOME Bugzilla.

Adam Schreiber

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