GDM2 2.29.0 (unstable), the "Friendly" Release

The 2.29.0 release is a unstable release of the GNOME Display Manager
(GDM) program with the following bug fixes and improvements:

- Now GDM supports Include, Exclude, and IncludeAll configuration
  options to allow the ability to configure which users are displayed in
  the FaceBrowser.
- Now GDM supports better debugging.  Users can set the debug/Enable
  configuration option to turn on GDM debugging.
- The directory where GDM screenshots are placed has been moved to its
  own directory: /var/run/gdm/greeter/GDM-Screenshot.png.  The
  screenshot directory can now be specified at build time via the
  --with-screenshot-dir configure argument.
- Many simple-greeter Face Browser usability improvements.
- The simple-greeter Face Browser tree view search entry is now obscured
  to help prevent accidental display of passwords.
- Shutdown and reboot functions are moved to a menu in the
  simple-greeter panel instead of being presented as buttons.  The
  shutdown menu is better positioned on multi-monitor displays.
- The simple-greeter panel notification area has been improved and now
  honors the GConf setting for
- The entry field in the simple-greeter now has accessibility labels so
  it will work better with accessibility programs.
- The clock in the simple-greeter panel no longer shows the date, making
  the screen look a little cleaner.  The date is moved to the clock
  tooltip so it is still available.
- The simple-greeter now uses gethostname instead of g_get_host_name
  since is more reliable when the hostname changes at runtime.
- The user switch applet now honors disable_lock_screen.  The option to
  lock screen is now not shown if disable_lock_screen is set.
- The /var/run/gdm directory is better locked down.
- GDM no longer crashes on bad UTF-8 in the /etc/passwd file.
- When the worker dies, the auth-failed signal is no longer sent.  This
  prevents a crash that happens when switching run-levels when the login
  screen is displayed.
- Ensure that the length of sockaddr structure is set to the correct
  length for IPv4 or IPv6.  This makes GDM work better on some operating
  systems that are picky about the length being exact.
- String and documentation improvements.

Documentation & Downloading

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