ANNOUNCE GCalctool 5.29.2

The GCalctool team is proud to announce the release of GCalctool 5.29.2.

This release has the following changes from 5.29.1:

    * Support conversions in display (e.g. "1 AUD in USD" or "6.2 inches in meters") (Robert Ancell)

    * Support arbitrary varible names, e.g. set with "name=55" (Robert Ancell)

    * Add a command-line version of gcalctool 'gcalccmd' (Rich Burridge, Bug #590767)

    * Updated translations: en shaw (Thomas Thurman), es (Jorge González), sl (Matej Urbančič), ta (drtvasudevan), zh_CN (Aron Xu)

The release is available from:

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